BSP leader announces Rs 50 lakh reward for person who cuts off Daya Shankar Singh’s tongue

Lucknow: On Thursday, a BSP leader announced a cash price of Rs 50 lakh as a reward for cutting off the tongue of expelled UP BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh.

Cash reward of Rs 50 lakh was announced by BSP Chandigarh Unit chief Jannat Jahan to the one who would chop off Singh’s tongue.

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The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) sacked Singh from the party and banned him for six years. Singh has sparked uproar in the political arena for calling BSP Supremo Mayawati a ‘prostitute’. This comes ahead of the crucial assembly polls in 2017.

Singh in his statement had said, “Mayawati is breaking the dream of Kanshi Ram into pieces. Mayawati is selling tickets like a prostitute. Mayawati gives tickets for Rs one crore and if there is someone who can give Rs 2 crore than she sells it for Rs 2 crore within an hour. If someone is ready to give Rs 3 crore by the evening, she gives the ticket to him. She is even worse than a prostitute.”

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As many as thousands of BSP supporters came down on the streets in Hazaratganj to protest against the same.

The protest is led by State BSP president Raj Achal Rajbhar who in his statement to the media said that the statement clearly reveals the anti-Dalit mentality of BJP.

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