Can SIMI men escape that easily from an ISO 9001 certified prison?

Allegedly video of the encounter of the SIMI men has raised several questions about the entire nine-hour incident in which nine SIMI men were encountered in Bhopal after they fled from the prison.

At the same time as some find it too effortless to accept as true that eight men could escape a fortified Bhopal Central Jail, others have asked if this is yet an additional example of an extra-judicial killing being passed off as an encounter.

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The Bhopal central jail is an ISO 9001 certified prison, which makes it compulsory to have well-functioning CCTV cameras. The jail authorities’ and the state Anti-Terrorist Cell’s activities within the jail must have been captured by the CCTV cameras.

The Bhopal Central Jail is known to be one of the most secure jails in Madhya Pradesh. It has a 32-feet high wall, and it is no easy task to scale it and escape. This happening has raised questions on how come nobody knew about their prison-break plan.