Centre government: Avoid placing Mahatma Gandhi’s photos in filthy places

Photo of Father of the Nation late Mahatma Gandhi.

New Delhi: The Centre government of India has asked the state government to stop using Mahatma Gandhi’s photos or logos and sketches or any of his belongings which includes his charkha, watch or spectacles on the garbage bins, walls of public toilets or any other places that are considered filthy.

Centre government has also asked the department heads to circulate same directions to all the other district courts and authorities concerned.

The circular was issued when a following case filed by a man named Badruddin Qureshi came into limelight when he filed a petition against the use of bapu’s photos or belongings on the walls of public toilet and other such dirty places.

Although the court dismissed the case but it said, “We do not feel that this is such an infringement and disrespect to the father of the nation. But at the same time, we feel that Union of India must respond and assure on affidavit that wherever any symbol associated with Mahatma Gandhi is used, it shall be used and placed in such a fashion and that it cannot be easily defaced and should not be used in such a manner which causes disrespect to the father of the nation.”

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