Check out Baba Ramdev’s secret revelation on Kapil’s show!

Photo of comedy king Kapil Sharma along with Yog Guru Baba Ramdev.

Mumbai: Yog Guru Baba Ramdev will be seen in the next episode of the comedy show titled ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and will turn the set of the show into a fitness class with his energetic approach. Baba has been grabbing headlines for speaking in public about politics and yes of course his brand Patanjali is riding on high tides which are making news every now and then.

Apparently, Ramdev baba will leave the audience shocked when he reveals about something which is least expected to be heard from his part. Reports has it that baba tells Kapil during his interview on the show that Los-Angeles woman proposed marriage during one of his Yoga sessions.

While narrating the entire incident, Kapil could not resist himself about pointing out that Baba has already started blushing and this made the audience burst with laughter. He also used the highest TRP rated show to talk about sensitive topics like corruption and patriotism.

Baba also asked the audience to take measures against corruption themselves rather than leaving the whole thing on government and as the citizens of India we too have some responsibility towards our country. Along with all the sensitive issues, Baba Ramdev had lots of fun with all the team members of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

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