Check out Soha Ali Khan’s defending reaction over her nephew Taimur’s name!!

Photo of Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan.

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan is known for her impactful yet delicate performances in her films like 31st October, Mumbai Meri Jaan and Rang de Basanti marked her presence at a launch of a cosmetic clinic. While talking to media she expressed her happiness about her newborn nephew, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. She also was outraged on all the comments about her nephew’s name and said that it’s his parent’s decision and nobody else’s business.

The actress obviously can’t wait to go back home and spend time with her family and nephew, while talking to the media she went on to say that: “Everyone is happy in the family and it’s a wonderful holiday season we look forward to spend with the baby at Bhai and Kareena’s home.”

However, since a lot is being said about the baby’s name, the actress rage over all the comments defending the parent’s decision and further went on to say that: “Honestly, Taimur’s name is nobody else’s business. All the comments, especially a few violent ones are targeted against my nephew, who is hardly a few days old, and that leaves me indignant. Sometimes I do feel like responding to these comments and later realise there is no point in doing so. I honestly feel that a lot of these reactions are just manufactured. Even the ‘facts’ they say about Taimur-the conqueror are not accurate. It is just a name, after all. The last time I checked, India was a democracy where you can name your child as you wish.”

Well, we can just congratulate Soha on becoming aunt once again and can hope that the conflict against the newborn’s name settle down soon.

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