Check out Swami Om’s entertaining audition video for Bigg Boss 10!

Photo of Bigg Boss 10 contestant Swami Om giving audition to make it for the show.

Mumbai: The season 10th of controversial reality show Bigg Boss is liked by many people because of two reasons, one is Salman Khan and the other is the commoner contestant Swami Om ji who is one of the most entertaining contestants this season in an unusual way and by doing unusual things.

All the other contestants might be upset and fed up of him every now and may refer him as ‘Tharki Bhuddha’ and ‘Jhoota’ then but nothing moves his confidence. The other members in the house tried to ignore the presence of him in the house but could not ignore him for much time.

Now, something exciting for all the people out there! Like every commoner even Om ji gave an audition for Bigg Boss 10 but as usual Swami Om can’t do things without adding his flavour and has to sound funny every time and it is full of Om Swami’s antics that we usually get to see him doing on the show. So you people can make out the laughter you would burst into after watching the video.

Here it is: Watch video

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