China continues for no entry of India in NSG bid

Seoul (South Korea): Beside India’s appeal from China to support for the entry of country into Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) today, China continued to oppose by saying that the global non-proliferation order would collapse if New Delhi was allowed.

The Director General of the Department of Arms Control of China’s Foreign Ministry, Wand Qun; said in a statement “If exceptions are allowed here or there on the question of NPT, the international non-proliferation order then will be collapsed altogether”.

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He further added, “In the absence of NPT as a political and legal basis, it will be inconceivable for the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or the Iran nuclear deal) to be reached.”

Wang said, “And moreover, it will add huge difficulty to implementation of the JCPOA. And in the absence of NPT as the political and legal basis, how could the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsular be resolved? All these merit reflection. While it’s easy to adopt double standards, the consequence can be enormous”.

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Basically, the question of India’s membership will be discussed during the day two of ongoing meeting of the 48-member of the NSG plenary session in the South Korean capital.

Interestingly, Japan on Thursday raised the issue of India’s membership, and it was taken up at a special session through China has repeatedly declared that the membership question of non-NTP countries would not be discussed during the plenary session.


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