China says NSG door not shut for India

Beijing: China’s state-run media today said the door for India’s entry into the NSG is “not closed” and New Delhi should “fully understand” Beijing’s concerns over the disputed South China Sea.

Chinese statement came ahead of Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to India that the two countries China and India are partners not rivals.

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According to China based news agency, “as Beijing and New Delhi head into a season of intensive top-level diplomatic encounters that could well define the future of their partnership, the two need to work together to keep their disagreements in check”.

The news agency also said, “What should be noted above all else is that India has wrongly blamed China for blocking its entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG).”

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So far, there is no precedent for a non-Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) signatory to become a NSG member. Many inside the body that monitors the global flow of nuclear materials insist prudence in handing a membership card to any non-treaty party,” it said in apparent reference to China’s persistent demand that signing the NPT is a must for the entry of new members into the 48-member body which controls global nuclear commerce.

“However, New Delhi should not be downhearted as the door to the NSG is not tightly closed,” it said in a first such reference by China in recent months since the two counties differed on the issue.


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