China test fires missile carrying 10 dummy warheads

Photo of China today test fires missile carrying 10 dummy warheads.

Beijing: According to United States reports China today reportedly test fired a new version of a missile capable of carrying a payload of 10 individual warheads.

The Washington Free Beacon website, citing US defence sources reported, the flight test of the Dongfeng-5C missile was carried out in January using multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles, or MIRVs.

The reports said, missile carrying 10 dummy warheads, was launched from the Taiyuan Space Launch Centre in Shanxi province, and flew to a desert in western China.

Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross said in a statement the test was monitored.

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Earlier versions of the DF-5 have either a single warhead or from six to eight MIRVs, according to estimates, reported RT news.

Trump has threatened to oppose China on a number of fronts, from its military build-up in the South China Sea to its monetary policy.

He has even cast doubt on Washington’s long-standing commitment to the “one China policy”, which regards Taiwan as one with mainland China governed by Beijing.

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