Choose between SCAM and BJP, says Modi at Meerut

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Referring to the Samajwadi Party, Congress, Akhilesh and Mayawati as SCAM, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that people of Uttar Pradesh will have to choose between BJP and ‘SCAM’ in the upcoming assembly polls.

Addressing people at a rally in Meerut, Prime Minister stated that western UP is the gate for the progress of UP and further stated that the election of 2014 began from here and turned to be successful for the people of India.

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He also attacked the ruling Samajwadi Party government by saying that they are responsible for the crime in UP.

Modi also accused Samajwadi Party of not knowing about the usage of the funds given by the central government and said that central government had also asked for the details from the UP govt that where they wanted to use the funds.

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He said that if there has to be development in Uttar Pradesh then land accusation and scams have to be controlled and that can be done only if BJP comes into power.