Choose wisely between Google Pixel XL or iPhone 7!

Gadget freaks have yet another chance to choose between the two most costly smartphones in the market at the moment. We are talking about Google Pixel XL and iphone 7, both the phones have price range of around 70,000 rupees and offer several different features that the other smartphones don’t have as of now.


Google Pixel XL                                                                                                        iPhone 7

Display-5.50-inch                                                                                                     Display- 4.70-inch

Processor-1.6GHZ                                                                                                     Processor- quad core

Front Camera- 8-megapixel                                                                                    Front Camera- 7-megapixel

Resolution- 1440×2560                                                                                            Resolution- 750×1334 pixels

RAM- 4GB                                                                                                                  RAM- 2GB

OS- Android 7.1                                                                                                          OS- iOS10

Storage- 32GB                                                                                                            Storage-32GB

Rear Camera- 12.3-megapixel                                                                                 Rear Camera- 12-megapixel

Battery Capacity- 3450mAh                                                                                    Battery Capacity- 1960mAh

By- Ishita Chauhan