Clicking Selfie with smile can uplifts your mood

According to a recently conducted study, clicking selfie with a bright smile may light up your mood and can make you appear as a happier person.

Irvine, computer scientist at California University stated that clicking smiling selfie with your smartphones and sharing them with your friend’s results in bursting stress as well lighten you with joy.

The research conducted involved smartphone photo technology. Taking in account of psychological as well mental state, the research revealed that clicking and sharing different kind of images can positively affect people.

“Our research showed that practicing exercises that can promote happiness via smartphone picture taking and sharing can lead to increased positive feelings for those who engage in it,” stated lead author, a post-doctoral scholar Yu Chen.

A four week study which involved 41 college students was composed and conducted by Chen and her collogues.

The research involved 28 females and 13 males and during the research they were instructed to do their normal activities while participating in study.

The research assigned participants to randomly collect photo of one type amongst three given topics-

The first one was a selfie to be taken daily while smiling.
The second was an image of something that made the photo taker happy.
The third was a picture of something the photographer believed would bring happiness to another person (which was then sent to that person).

The scientists overall collected 2,900 moods measurement and found an increase of positivity in subjects in all three groups.

Research observed that some participants in selfie group gained confidence and those who took pictures of objects making them happy became more appreciative and reflective. While, on the other hand the group which clicked photo to make other feel happy marked calmness as connection with their friends and family relived their stress.

The study was published in the journal Psychology of Well-Being.

By-Ila Kazmi