Cold waves grips northern India

New Delhi: Northern India has been shivering in the last few days as the chilly winds have engulfed national capital and near by areas with sharp dip in the temperature.

Minimum temperature recorded was far below the average at several northern regions of the country, Delhi saw 4.3 degrees Celsius, three notches below the season’s average while Lucknow remained at 1.5 degree celsius despite sunshine.

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India Meteorological Department (IMD) official gave information that: “The sky will remain mainly clear later in the day.”

It is reported that that sky will remain clear for coming days as well but chilly winds will continue to remain a cause of concern for the people with temperatures dipping each passing day.

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Among the other cities that saw dip in temperature were, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Amritsar and several more. Badrinath saw heavy snowfall and the temperature was continuously recorded below 0 degree celsius since last few days.