Colombia: Six dead, 31 missing after tourist boat sink

Photo of the ship that sank in Colombia today.

Colombia: According to the information given by the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, in an incident that took place in north-western Colombia today that killed at least six people and 31 other went missing after a tourist boat sank.

After the regional government earlier gave a death toll of at least nine, the President went on to say: “There are six people deceased so far and 31 reported missing.”

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An official in the National Risk Management Unit, Carlos Ivan Marquez, confirmed the toll of six separately to AFP. He said they were “all Colombians, and no minors.”

Regional authorities said the boat was carrying 170 people, most of who were rescued by other boats or escaped by themselves.

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“It sank extremely quickly. It all happened in a few minutes,” said a fire service captain involved in the rescue effort, Luis Bernardo Morales.