Committed towards promoting peace in Afghanistan: Pakistan

Quashing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s claim that the country never shelter Taliban members on its soil, Pakistan, on Tuesday, said that it is making appropriate efforts to promote peace in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan has made sincere and consistent efforts to promote lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Efe news quoted Pakistani foreign ministry spokesperson Nafees Zakaria as saying.

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Zakaria said Pakistan was making serious efforts to facilitate peace process in Afghanistan but the country was “not solely responsible” for bringing the Afghan Taliban to negotiations table for dialogue.

He also said Afghan Taliban were not being sheltered in Pakistan, as Ghani claimed in his speech on Monday, while Dawn online on Tuesday reported that the Pakistani government recently admitted, after years of official denial, that the Afghan Taliban leadership enjoys safe haven inside the country.

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Zakaria’s statement was made in an apparent response to the Afghan president’s assertion on Monday that Afghanistan “no longer expects Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table”.

Zakaria said Pakistan does not believe violence and bloodshed were the path to peace, and stressed that Islamabad condemned last Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Kabul, in which 64 people were killed and over 347 injured.

Not just Pakistan, but the US, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan were also responsible for negotiating with the Afghan Taliban, he said.

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On Monday, Ghani warned Pakistan if it does not take imminent military action against Taliban, it will take the case to the UN Security Council.