Congress lashes out at Modi government, blames for being anti-Dalit

New Delhi: The Congress on Wednesday blamed the government of being anti-Dalit and exploiting the community in BJP-ruled states after the opposition was not given permission to talk on the violence in Maharashtra in Parliament as they also sought a reply from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The party questioned why was Modi silent on the incidents of violence that paralysed parts of Maharashtra.

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“We gave a notice in Rajya Sabha that the proceedings in the House should be stopped and should discuss the attack and exploitation of the Dalit society in the past three and a half years,” said Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad.

“Where ever there is a BJP government, Dalits have been being exploited in the past three and a half years. They are being killed, beaten up, raped and then killed and also burnt alive,” he said, adding that “Haryana has become an ‘akhara’ for such incidents”.

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