Congress’ Rahul Gandhi off to yet another sabbatical

New Delhi: Congress VP, Rahul Gandhi announced today, his travel plans. The Gandhi scion will visit abroad for a few days. Though, he didn’t reveal the reason or destination of his visit, but it is for the first time he has taken to the social media to disclose his plans for a vacation.

Rahul, who turned 46 yesterday, after thanking everyone for their wishes, tweeted his plans to board abroad soon.

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He tweeted, “Traveling out of the country for a few days on a short visit. Thanks again to all who met and wished me yesterday, truly grateful for your affection!”

Last year he had faced several revulsions following his 60-day vacation between February-April 2015 during the Budget Session, almost the same time when Congress had witnessed its most discreditable defeat till date.

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This is the second time this year when he is ‘officially’ going on a vacation. Before this he went abroad to celebrate New Year.