Congress’ Rashid Alvi slams Narendra Modi, calls him ‘most stupid PM’

New Delhi: In a fresh row, Congress leader Rashid Alvi attacked Narendra Modi by calling him the ‘most stupid prime minister’. The comment did not go well with the BJP and it has thereby demanded an apology from him.

As per reports, this remark was made by Alvi at a program (Samvad) which was organized by a news channel. The show marked two years of Modi-led BJP government. At the gathering, HRD Minister Smriti Irani was also present to whom Alvi asked as to what action was being initiated on PM Modi coming out as ‘most stupid Prime Minister’ in Google search.

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The remarks did not go well with the audience present at the gathering and they therefore demanded an apology from Alvi. The organizers of the event tried to calm down the audience, however they continued to shout ‘shame shame’ and ‘shame on Congress’ slogans.

Also, in reply to Alvi’s remark, Irani said, “In Congress, those who throw stones and spits at Narendra Modi will be blue-eyed. The poison against Narendra Modi has crossed the limits that people forget that he is country’s Prime Minister.”

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She added, “When Rashid bhai uses such words for the country’s Prime Minister, what kind of words does he use for a woman minister by saying that ‘it is heard that you are very close to Modi ji. By the example put forth by Alvi, neither Modi nor his supporters would be hurt, but the Congress leader has only lowered his own image by doing so.”

As of now, the ruling BJP has demanded an apology from the Congress leader.

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