Congress worker Shoaib found murdered in Kannur

As per the information shared by the party, Youth Congress worker, Shoaib was found murdered late last night and the accusations are been made on CPI-M workers.

However on the other hand, Left party’s leadership here has denied any role in it, the Congress party called for a dawn-to-dusk shut down in protest of the murder in the district, but allowed vehicles to ply.

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According to the party, Shoaib along with a few others was waiting in front of a night eatery near Mattanoor, near here, on Monday, when four persons came in a car and threw bombs to create a scare. They then slashed him with a sword. The incident occurred around 10.45 p.m.

Shoaib was badly injured, while two other sustained minor injuries. Shoaib was first taken to a nearby hospital and he later passed away at the Kozhikode Medical college hospital. According to the Congress party, Shoaib was engaged in a tiff in January with the CPI-M unit in the town over student politics.

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“Not long back, a club of the Congress party came under heavy attack, after the CPI-M leadership was upset when the children of the party leaders took part in a meeting. “They unleashed an attack and Shoaib, was at the forefront to stop this. Since then the CPI-M had announced publicly that his days are numbered,” said Kannur district Congress party chief Sateeshan Pacheni.