CONJURING 2 lives up to the soul of ‘The Conjuring’ | Movie Review

Direction: James Wan

Actors: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson

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Rating: ****

‘THE CONJURING’ was the biggest American thriller of 2013. One haunted American farmhouse, 5 archetypal rooms, mysterious basement, creaking doors, horrifying dolls, sudden ominous appearances and those clapping which can still manage to give sleepless nights and goose bumps to its viewers. Also, it became a testament for all those who do not believe in paranormal.

Probably these were the reasons why ‘Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist’ was much awaited by the fans of The Conjuring, thus fulfilling its expectations, Conjuring 2 has succeeded in running chisels through the veins of its audience and was horrifically convincible. Though, it looked like an extended, and somewhat analogous version of its first part but what still remains was spine tingling scenes of a terrifically horrifying movie. Conjuring 2 after receiving incredible response from its audience categorized Director James Wan as an exemplary horror-teller.

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Story plot is same like ‘The Conjuring’ and stubbornly sticks to its ‘real story’ tagline, opening shot is of renowned demonologist couple Lorraine and Ed Warren (Verra Farmiga- Pattrick Wilson) who were seen investigating Amityville murders for some demonic presence. After which, this paranormal investigative duo travel to London to protect a single mother (Frances O’Connor) and her four children from a poltergeist infestation that was making their life an ill-fated nightmare.

Story takes on a more murky elevation when no concrete evidence could be traced of the spirits that were terrifying the 11-year-old daughter of the family, Janet (Madison Wolfe).Also, there is a skeptical psychologist who manages to give a skeptical twist to the movie but soon enough the couple gets back to their mission of demolishing a poltergeist.

Spooky and shadowy atmosphere, fluid camera actions was sufficient enough to scare the audience and managed some frightening screams across the theatre.

Altogether the film was immensely horrifying and lived upto the soul of ‘The Conjuring’.

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