Consumption of walnuts may help control hunger

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London: As per the information gathered through a study, people who eat walnuts, canola oil and salmon on a daily basis which are rich in polyunsaturated fats are likely to undergo hormonal changes that can help control hunger.

Consuming products rich in PUFAs causes a decrease in fasting ghrelin which a hormone that increases hunger and on the other hand a PUFA rich diet also caused significant increase in peptide YY (PYY) — a hormone that increases fullness or satiety.

The lead researcher Jamie A. Cooper from the University of Georgia went on to say: “Appetite hormones play an important role in regulating how much we eat. “These findings tell us that eating foods rich in PUFAs, like those found in walnuts, may favourably change appetite hormones so that we can feel fuller for longer.”

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