CPI-M criticizes govt for de-notifying highways

Photo of the logo of CPI-M.

New Delhi: The Communist Party of India (Marxism) criticized the Himachal Pradesh government for degrading 16 state highways into district roads to allow the Supreme Court order to banning alcohol along these roads.

CPI-M state committee Secretary Onkar Shad went on to say: “The government seems to be highly efficient in ensuring that the people of the state, who are reeling under crisis of basic services, should not be hindered from getting booze from their neighbourhoods or during travel.”

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) said this decision showed lack of concern towards the lives of the people and more interest towards generating revenue from the liquor sale.

The Himachal government on Wednesday downgraded 16 state highways of 1,308 km length as major district roads.

Official records say there were 950 liquor shops and bars located within 500 metres distance from the highways that were facing closure with the Supreme Court’s December 2016 order that came into force on April 1.

While talking to the media, an official with the state Excise and Taxation Department went on to say that now after downgrading 16 state highways nearly 250 liquor shops are likely to be saved from the closure.

The CPI(M) demanded the de-notification should be withdrawn and the government must ensure that there was strict enforcement against drunken driving as was practiced in Chandigarh.

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