Curb on internet, social media needed to counter terrorism: Army Chief Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: Army chief Bipin Rawat today laid emphasis on the importance to curb the internet and social media use to combat with terrorism. He mentioned that he understands that people might have issues but there is a need to check on these things.

Army chief stated: “I understand that in a democratic country people might have issues when we put curbs in place. But it is important to restrict the use of social media to tackle terrorism. Put some checks and curbs on internet, social media that terrorist organisations always resort to.”

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He further said that terrorism had two sides to it — militant and political. “It is important to tackle both. Many may argue that there is no point in banning political outfits since they don’t indulge in terror activities directly, but we should not forget that they support it,” he added.

Further commenting on ways to counter terrorism, he said it was imperative to identify who terrorists were and which are the nations that support terrorism.

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“Anyone who uses violence as a means to an end is a terrorist. We need to identify the nations that have a state-sponsored policy to support terrorism,” he said. Once they are identified, he added, “The nations had to do their own job. While there should be international support, the nation still needs to work on countering its own terrorists.”
The Army chief further stated that it was crucial to identify where the terrorists get funds from. General Rawat added that one must “look at where poppy and cannabis grows”.

The Army chief also listed the significance of biological chemical weapons and the threat that comes with it. “Terrorism is here to stay. Unless all countries come together. Terrorism cannot be the new warfare. It has been seen that those nations that support terrorism often become victims of it eventually. So if you want a safe home, then we need to work towards ending it,” he said.

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