Dalit youths brutally assaulted by 25 in Maharashtra

Beed: Amid the going turmoil in the country over the brutal assault of Dalits in Una, Gujarat for supposedly skinning a cow and protests by the Dalits in Lucknow after ex BJP VP Daya Shankar Singh called BSP Supremo Mayawati a prostitute another incident has surfaced. In Maharashtra’s Beed two Dalit youths were assaulted by 25 people.

As per reports, the youths were beaten over an issue of overtaking.

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Talking about the incident, Hari Balaji, Deputy SP (Malagaon) said, “The accused haven’t been arrested.”

He added, “We are ascertaining details.”

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In two separate incident, seven Dalit youths were beaten by the protectors of cow in Gujarat for supposedly killing and then skinning a cow whereas thousands of Dalits came down on the streets in Lucknow protesting against the abusive remark of Singh and thereby demanded his arrest.