Dallas Police Shooting: Four officers killed following firing by snipers during protests

Dallas: On Friday, during protests here, four officers were killed after around two snipers opened fire. Reports are that seven other officers were also injured during the firing. Also, the Police Chief David O Brown said that they are probing a suspect in the incident.

In his statement to a leading news agency, Brown said that the snipers shot from a height during the protests which was held over the recent fatal police shootings. Gunfight took place at around 8:45 pm yesterday as the angry protesters marched down a street in downtown.

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As many as hundred people collected at the Union Square Park in Manhattan, holding protests against the police shooting two black men.

On Wednesday a Minnesota officer shot Philando Castile while he was in a car with a woman and a child. The outcome of the shooting was supposedly shared on the social media. A day before this killing, Alton Sterling was shot in Louisiana. His killing too was captured on phone.

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