‘Dangal’ being Aamir Khan’s film, is bound to be good: Imran Khan

Mumbai: Actor Imran Khan today stated that his uncle Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie “Dangal” will be good keeping in mind the fact that Aamir Khan’s presence in itself makes it clear that the film will be a big hit.

The “Delhi Belly” actor, who was present at the screening of Swara Bhaskar’s web series “It’s Not That Simple” on Monday, said: “I haven’t seen the trailer of ‘Dangal’, but being Aamir Khan’s film, it is bound to be good.”

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Speaking on the recent demand to ban Pakistani artistes from working in India, Imran said: “Unfortunately, we live in a society where… if people raise voice over something, goons turn up at your house to beat you up. That’s what I really like to avoid in life. I don’t have time for these things. I am not the spokesperson of Bollywood. I am a simple citizen of this country.”

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