Dayashankar Singh arrested by UP Police in Buxar, Bihar

Patna: Expelled BJP Vice President from Uttar Pradesh, Dayashankar Singh was arrested by the police in Buxar, Bihar today. He faces arrest for using cuss words against BSP Supremo Maywati.

Singh had said that Mayawati sells tickets and gives it to the one who pays the maximum amount. Also, he had said that Mayawati is even worse than a prostitute. This controversial remark trigerred massive protests from the BSP supporters who came down on the streets protesting against the same, demanding arrest of Singh.

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This one comment has led to brawl between the BJP and BSP as the former also got down on the streets protesting against the personal remarks made by the latter against Singh’s family.

Singh was expelled by BJP over the same for six years. He was missing ever since an arrest warrant was issued against him and was also recently spotted in Deoghar, Jharkhand.

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