Decline in long queues outside banks and ATMs

Photo related to banking in India.

New Delhi: There is marginal decline in long queues outside banks and ATMs today as only senior citizens were allowed to exchange old notes.

On other hand people were seen waiting to exchange notes in long queues either to deposit their old notes or withdraw cash at banks and ATMs.

One bank customer said: “Bank lines much shorter! Was at HDFC bank at 10 (a.m.), cash over at 10.15 so line shortened!!! Cash will come on Monday they say (sic).”

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A private bank staffer said, “There is less crowd for exchanging high-value currency as only senior citizens have been allowed to do it today (Saturday). But there is still a rush for withdrawing and depositing cash.”

Another customer, who came to deposit cash in a bank in Noida, said that he had to stand in queue for three hours to do so.

Even as all banks were giving preference to senior citizens in exchanging their old notes, they still had to wait in queues for their turn.

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A senior citizen Dharma Das said, “I had to wait for two hours to exchange old notes.”

Another senior citizen Sanjay Parmanand was delighted as he did not have to wait for too long.

Harish Jain, 62, standing in a queue at ICICI Bank’s branch in Preet Vihar area of east Delhi, lamented he stood in queues for four days and managed to get the cash only on Saturday.

He expressed his tanks to the government for setting aside one day for the senior citizens to exchange money.

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