Delhi hotels hiring Bangladeshi’s at low wages, security sidelined

Delhi: Delhi’s Pahadganj area is known for hotels and accommodation and there are hundreds of visitors everyday from India and abroad. There has been a significant inclusion of Bangladeshi people in these hotels as staff.

Large number of Bangladeshi people can be found staying there and working at low costs. These people are working as chefs, cooks, or even low profile jobs are given to them.

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There are around 1500 hotels in this area and estimated of ten thousand Bangladeshi’s employees working in them and almost all of them are immigrants. This huge number of Bangladeshis living there can turn out to be the cause of terror activity in Delhi.

These Bangladeshi individuals don’t even have their full id proofs and police administration is just been playing the role of onlookers amidst these immigrants getting hired.

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There are various suspicious terror activities witnessed in various states recently and these Bangladeshi immigrants have been under the scanner for long.

Police has not been talking any action against them and the administration doesn’t even have the details of these workers living there in hotels and earning 4-8 thousand per month.

With hotel owners hardly taking care of the security measures, Police is also not been active in tracking the Id profs and details of these workers.

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