Delivery of smartphone ‘Freedom 251’ will be done on time: Makers

Rubbishing the allegations that there are hurdles in the delivery process of the world’s cheapest smartphone at Rs 251, the company’s chief executive Mohit Goel today made it clear while talking to that the delivery of the phone will be done on time.

Operations at Ringing Bells, the UP-based company, earlier, promised to deliver the world’s cheapest smartphone at Rs 251 and got a huge number of bookings in the month of February.

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Rumors regarding the departure of Ashok Chadha were also clarified by the officials as they said he will be the part of the team and there are no differences cropped up at the management level.

Taking to, Mohit Goel denied the rumors that Chadha has a “massive showdown” with promoter Mohit Goel “over financial matters”.

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