Demonetization is a move to change the way of life: Modi

Photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today stated that the decision of demonetization is a move to change the way of life as well as to change the way of economy development. Modi further laid emphasis that even though the nation is witnessing problems in the present time but will get benefit in the longer run.

Prime Minister cited example and stated: “Every small vendor and farmer will deposit his daily income and will have online banking record and this will facilitate them to get a loan from the bank within minutes.”

PM Modi further went on to say that countries who have adopted digital means for transactions have benefited and shortly people here will move to cashless mode of transactions and will get advantage to a great deal.

Prime Minister said that there are problems that people are facing at the moment but he gave assurance that after 50 days of struggle there will be a bright sun shine and honest people of the society will get benefit out of this demonetization move.

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