Dengue: Here’s all about it

Photo of Dengue mosquito.

Recently, many parts of India is witnessing fatal disease of dengue, cases of dengue are drastically upped in last few weeks. People are coping with it and governments are finding ways to stop dengue from spreading its root within cities. Terror of dengue can be seen in mind of people. Less adequate means and inferior treatment had hiked mortality rates.

World Health Organization (WHO) reported that every year 390 million cases are reported from all over world. In India, situations are worst by doubling up of dengue cases between the years 2014-2015. Time has come to make people more aware about this fatal disease.

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1. Symptoms of dengue:-
• Serving high fever which last from 3-7 days.
• Head ache.
• Pain in eyes.
• Joint or muscles pain.
• Nausea or vomiting.
• Red Spots on body.
• Loss of appetite.
• Low blood pressure.
• In severe condition one may face blood from nose and mouth.

2. Prevention of dengue:-
• Cleanliness of surroundings.
• Don’t let water collect at home or around.
• Cover vessels and pots full of water.
• Try to cover empty vessels.
• Daily change water of cooler and pot.
• Wear cloths covering full body.
• Avoid opening household windows early morning and keep it shut before 6pm.
• Use mosquito nets.
• Avoid eating junk foods.
• Keep body hydrated.

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3. Homemade remedies:-
• Plant tulsi near window.
• Dry leaves if Neem and camphor foam kills mosquitos.
• Drink healthy fruit juice.
• Drink Coconut water.
• Consult Doctor if you have fever.
Dengue is mainly caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti (female mosquito). Global incidence of dengue has drastically upped in the last few years