Dense fog creates problems for passengers, 55 trains delayed, six cancelled

New Delhi: According to the information given by the railway official, minimum of 55 trains have been effected due to dense fog and have been running late. While there are six trains that have been cancelled.

In view of the fact that the amount of fog in north India is quite dense, 22 trains were rescheduled today on the other hand two were cancelled for tomorrow.

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The trains cancelled on Tuesday included the New Delhi-Howrah Poorva Express, New Delhi-Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani Express, Amritsar-Howrah Mail, Jodhpur-Varanasi Marudhar Express, Delhi Jn-Azamgarh Kaifiat Express and Varanasi-New Delhi Kashi Vishwanath Express. Varanasi-Jodhpur Marudhar Express and New Delhi-Varanasi Kashi Vishwanath Express were cancelled for Wednesday.

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