Depression may increase risk of changes in brain structure

According to research, a person suffering from depression is at a greater risk of developing changes in the brain structure which may hamper the communication and thinking skills.

The changes were found in the white matter of the brain in which brain cells communicate with each other via electrical signals through fibre tracts. White matter is an important component of the brain and any changes in the white matter is directly linked with emotional processing and thinking skills.

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One of the researchers went on to say: “This study shows that people with depression have changes in the white matter wiring of their brain.”

Depression is one of the leading mental problems which the world is facing right now and the possible symptoms of depression include low mood, exhaustion and feelings of emptiness.

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Researchers expressed their concern on the rising upsurge of this mental problem and one of researchers said: “There is an urgent need to provide treatment for depression and an improved understanding of it mechanisms will give us a better chance of developing new and more effective methods of treatment.”