Despite police protection, women molested on Bengaluru streets

Photo of women being molested in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru witnessed a shameful act as women were molested during the New Year’s Eve at MG Road and Brigade Road in the capital of Karnataka. Some wicked boys on bikes ill-treated and passed derogatory comments inspite of almost 1,500 police officers present on the spot.

After the horrific scene, while talking about the matter to the media, the commissioners of different areas were questioned about their presence. Former Deputy Commissioner (Central) Sandeep Patil and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Command Centre went on to say that: “No distress calls were made. We did not receive a single call, complaining of molestation, at the city control room. No one approached cops and no case of molestation has been registered.”

A working professional who was walking towards MG road also stated: “Women were being accosted by young men. Cops chased the group but they returned to the spot. Women weeped and ran towards women cops. They were forced to run on the street. Cops’ actions were limited as women were also a part of the group,”

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