Dhaka attackers were not inspired by me; I am a messenger of peace: Zakir Naik

Mumbai: On Thursday, the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik came before the India press via a Skype link from Median in Saudi Arabia. In conversation with leading news channel the controversial Islamic preacher said that he is a messenger of peace and that his statements were taken out of context.

Here is live update of his conversation with the channel.

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  • I strongly condemn the attack in Nice, France. Such attacks should not happen.
  • The Dhaka attack terrorists were not inspired by me
  • The daily which held me responsible for the Dhaka attack, corrected itself and thereby acquitted me
  • My statements have been taken out of context and the replies I gave to the TV channels, are on a pen drive
  • Also, I condemn terror attacks anywhere in the world
  • I am a messenger of peace
  • Suicide bombing is not allowed in Islam and is prohibited. Therefore, I condemn it. Suicide bombings that kill innocent people are not allowed. They are permitted only when used as a war tactic
  • The clips have been doctored and I challenge you to show any of my unedited clip in which I have not condemned suicide bombings and killing of innocent people

Naik has been under scanner after he was alleged of inspiring the Dhaka attackers via his speeches. Provocative speeches delivered by Naik are aired on Peace TV, which is banned in India. Despite this many cable operators broadcast his speeches illegally.

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