Did Not Want To Enter Politics: Manohar Parrikar

PANAJI: In a very interesting chit chat, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has said that entering politics had not been his wish and he would quit if he found that he was not worthy of staying in politics anymore.

He, however, went on to clarify that he was not going to leave the current tenure half way and the state government would complete its term.

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Parrikar was interacting with an audience during an event organised by a local media group.

“Politics is not my family background and hence my entry into it was not as per my wish,” he said an IIT Bombay graduate, while reacting to a query.

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It is worthwhile mentioning that Manohar Parrikar recently won an assembly seat in Goa from Panaji.

The chief minister said that when he had entered politics he had decided to quit in 10 years.

“The day I feel I am not worthy of staying in politics anymore, without even thinking for a second I will quit and sit at home,” he said.

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Reacting to a question about his exit from state politics to join the Union Cabinet at the time of his last tenure, Parrikar said he would not go away from the state without completing his ongoing tenure.

“I felt my participation at the Centre was needed and I left. Sometimes you have to also assess the requirement,” he said, adding, “This time I will not go anywhere without completing the term… There is no danger to the government.”

He said during his stint as the defence minister he was not able to adjust in Delhi.

“I am not a born politician. If I was a born politician then I would have been able to adjust in Delhi,” he said.

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In this day and age when every politician has hidden agenda, Manohar Parrikar looks honest in his approach.