Diesel, Petrol cab owners in Delhi warn of suicide post ban

New Delhi: After Supreme Court put a complete ban on diesel and petrol driven taxis in the capital city, taxi owners now warn of committing suicide if the apex court decision is not revoked. The apex court ruling has effected nearly 27000 taxi owners.

The cab operators told that they had decided to launch a protest after mutual consultations. They claimed that almost half the taxis were run on diesel in the national capital.

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“I have cancelled 17 bookings since morning as most of my taxis are run on diesel. I have only five taxis run by CNG. We do not understand why the court and Government come up with such decisions?” S. Kumar, owner of Kumar Taxi Services in central Delhi, stated.

He said the apex court decision of Saturday will lead many taxi operators to commit suicide as they won’t be able to pay their car installments now.

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“How do we pay our monthly installments to banks for the loans taken to buy taxis? Does not the government realize that diesel cars can’t be converted into CNG?” The Supreme Court on Saturday refused to give more time to taxi operators to switch to the cleaner compressed natural gas (CNG).

Another transporter, who did not wished to be named, stated: “The order would have at least made sense if it was applicable to diesel taxis after their ongoing permit got over. That would have at least given some time to the operators to arrange for alternate taxis. But now we are all ruined.”

“The authorities should not be surprised if taxi owners and drivers commit suicide in sheer frustration,” said another taxi owner Raman.

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On Sunday, with taxis plying on petrol and diesel staying off the roads, commuters switched over to the limited number of CNG-driven yellow-top taxis and auto-rickshaws. The problem is expected to rise on Monday.