Different shades of hunger and measures to treat them

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New Delhi: Gone are the days when different feeling of hunger were considered same and gets similar treatment. Feeling of every hunger is different so they should get a proper treatment. Here we are disclosing different types of hunger and the method of their treatment.

Hunger accompanied by anger:-

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Hangry (Hungry+angry) a psychological reaction terminology used to describe combination of hunger and anger. Your blood sugar level drops whenever you are hungry and makes you hot-tempered.

Treatment:- When you feel hangry and it’s not a meal time you can delight yourself with healthy snacks like roasted chickpeas, granola bars or may be a healthy yogurt. That will help you by stabilizing your blood sugar level.

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Hunger for Water:-

Many times you are just thirsty yet your mind says that you are hungry. This will lead you to consume meals even you are not being hungry really.

Treatment:- Keep yourself hydrated and make yourself aware about the difference of being hungry and thirsty. So don’t have snacks at first, you must drink water before consuming snacks and if you are actually hungry then too you can have water before eating which will save you from over-eating.

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Hungry when bored:-

Your body will make you feel hungry whenever you are bored. You know that you are not hungry yet unintentionally walk into kitchen and eat something as you don’t have to do anything.

Treatment:- When you go through such kind of hunger just adapt a habit of having a glass of water or chew on gum. Try to engage your mind in activity like reading a book or taking a walk.

Hunger while watching TV:-

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While watching television shows frequently you crave for food. Most usually you consume snacks and can’t resist your hunger and take calories more than needed.

Treatment:- You can sit with some slices of carrots and hummus and can chew them while watching tv. Keep water with you.

Emotional hunger:-

When you are stressed or hungry you frequently reach for food. Food is not a healthy way to get rid from stress.

Treatment:- Try to engage yourself in activities that will make you feel happy.

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Real Hunger:-

This is the real hunger which tells you when you should eat at appropriate time. So don’t ignore it as this will lead to low blood sugar level.

(Note:- Story by Ila Kazmi)