Do you want to get white & healthy teeth? Here’s something for you!

White and healthy teeth display your hygiene in front of all the people you meet. Meetings, interviews, dates are some of the important days of your life where all you need to be is presentable enough to portray a good image of yourself, in order to do this you always have to keep smiling as smile depicts your positive attitude.

Smile is all about your white and healthy teeth and in fact few people hide their teeth/ face while smiling and the only reason behind this is the yellow and unhealthy teeth. We all want our teeth to be white, shiny and healthy as it adds on beauty to our face.

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White and healthy teeth are no more a fantasy now but there are few ways that should be followed on a regular basis in order to get a healthy smile. First and foremost you should replace your toothbrush quite often as it helps you to maintain oral hygiene and hence keep your teeth healthy.

You should always take proper diet and especially include greater quantity of fresh fruits and green vegetables on a daily basis. Eating nutritionally beneficially fruits like apple, strawberries, pears etc and including curd, oats and green vegetables in your diet will help you get rid of yellow and unhealthy teeth and give you a bright smile.

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By- Prishita Rathi