Doklam playing spoilsport in remeasuring Everest height

VISAKHAPATNAM: Doklam is holding up a mission to recalculate height of the world’s highest peak, Everest.

The Survey of India project is getting delayed because of a standoff between India and China.

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It is worthwhile pointing that Survey of India in collaboration with Nepalese authorities wanted to re-measure Everest to assuage doubts expressed by international scientific community that the huge earthquake of April 25, 2015, could’ve modified the peak’s height.

At this moment of time, Everest height — 8848m was established by SoI in 1955, which was recognised by Nepal.

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Now, after so many months, Survey of India is still awaiting a green signal from the Nepalese side on its plan.

According to the sources, Nepal was taking time to respond given the tense situation. Indications are that it would refrain from being seen as aligning with India on any project at this juncture.

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