Donald Trump warns US companies for outsourcing jobs abroad

Photo of newly elected United States President Donald Trump.

Washington: Newly elected United States (US) President Donald Trump has today warned US companies for outsourcing jobs abroad.

As he touted his early success in persuading an air conditioner maker to keep about 1,000 jobs in the country rather than move them to Mexico, he has said that such companies would face “consequences”.

According to US media reported, “Companies are not going to leave the US anymore without consequences. Not going to happen,” the Republican said on a visit to a Carrier Corp. plant in Indianapolis.

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Although he did not mentioned that what the consequences would be, but he frequently threatened during the election campaign that his administration would put a 35 per cent import tariff on American companies that moved jobs offshore.

It was unclear what steps would have to be taken by federal authorities before Trump could retaliate against individual companies shifting jobs abroad.

Trump also did not address if Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, would face any consequences for continuing with plans to move 1,300 other Indiana jobs to Mexico.

He said his discussions with the maker of air conditioning units were a model for how he would approach other US businesses that are tempted to move jobs overseas to save money.

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Trump will takes office on January 20th next year.