Donald Trump will only take $1 as salary annually

Photo of newly election United States President Donald Trump.

New York: The newly elected United States President Donald Trump today said that he will not take $400,000 as presidential annual salary, but have decided to only take one dollar a year as minimum required.

This announcement was made by the Trump on Sunday during a “60 Minutes” TV interview-it was his first television appearance after winning the November 8th US Presidential elections.

He said during the interview “I think I have to take by law one dollar so I’ll take one dollar a year.”

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This is believed to be historic decision taken by Trump and he further admitted that he did not know what the salary was and when told the salary was $400,000, Trump declined it.

The Manhattan billionaire Trump has number of business in his name like hotels, casinos and real estate businesses.

Trump also commented about the recent violence across the US after the election when thousands of people have marched against him for five consecutive days in the “Not my President” anti-Trump protest.

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Trump, who will take office as on January 20,2017, told protesters not to fear his presidency.