I don’t appreciate things written about my personal life: Shraddha

Shraddha Kapoor has had non-stop hits from Aashiqui 2 to Ek Villian, Haider and Bhaagi. She has turned out be a self-made and confident actress of Bollywood industry. But, Shraddha is not all happy with the rumours about her link-ups with her co-stars and especially when she is focusing to brush her career up. She seemed upset and irritated with her relationship news after every new movie is released.

She made an official announcement shooting down all the fake news and said “I don’t appreciate things written about my personal life when there’s no truth to them. It’s sad and irritating. I am focusing on my work. I’m happy to be single and am romancing my movies now”.

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Coming from a filmy background the 23-year-old further went on to say that “My parents know the ways of Bollywood life and are not new to it. They tell me to concentrate on my work”.

Apart from all this tension going on in her life, the actress is extremely excited about her upcoming movie ‘Rock On 2’ and stated “I saw Rock On!! Eight years ago, and when the credit titles were rolling, I told my parents that whenever a sequel would be made, I would act in it.”

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By- Prishita Rathi