‘Don’t come around with ban. Try and regulate it’: Kamal Haasan on Jallikattu agitation

Chennai: Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan today expressed his view regarding the latest agitation against the ban on Jallikattu and stated that police crackdown on the protesters should be criticized and requested the people of Tamil them to stay calm.

Talking to media the superstar stated: “This whole agitation is a symbol of discontent and decades of various kinds of anger. This is not a sudden outburst. It happened because we found a reason. We have always been looking for reasons.”

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He further went on to say that he is very much against the ban on movies or bulls for that matter and mentioned that there is no point banning the sport rather there should be regulations done.

“Don’t come around with ban. Try and regulate it. More people die in automobile accidents than in Jallikattu. We don’t ban automobile driving or car racing sport. My film (‘Vishwaroopam’) was banned because some people claimed it was anti-Muslim, but it was not,” he said.

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