Don’t test Pakistan patience: Raheel Sharif warns India

Photo of former Pakistan's army chief General Raheel Sharif.

Islamabad: The outgoing Pakistan’s army chief General Raheel Sharif today warned India again by saying that “mistaking our policy of patience for weakness” would prove “dangerous”.

The military’s media wing said, Raheel was speaking at the ‘Change of Command’ ceremony at the General Headquarters in the garrison town in Rawalpindi, capital Islamabad’s twin city.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa officially took charge as the 16th army chief of Pakistan during the ceremony.

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During his farewell speech at the ceremony which was attended by former army chiefs, federal ministers and foreign diplomats, Gen Raheel Sharif stressed the need for institutions to work together for the nation’s progress, and cautioned India against adopting an aggressive stance in the region.

He referred to the Kashmir Valley and said, “In recent months, India’s increasing terrorism and aggressive stance in IHK (Jammu and Kashmir) have endangered the region.”

“India should know that mistaking our policy of patience for weakness would be dangerous.”

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Sharif said he always prioritised national interest in every decision he made during his tenure. But the security situation in the region remains “complicated”.

During the ceremony Gen. Sharif handed over the “command stick” to General Bajwa-signifying the changeover of the army command.

He is the fourth officer from the infantry’s Baloch Regiment to become the army chief. Before him, Gen. Yahya Khan, Gen. Aslam Beg and Gen. Kayani rose to that position.

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