Drinking binge alcohol may shrink brain regions in teenagers: Study

Besides knowing the fact that excessive drinking of alcohol is harmful for health, it is commonly seen amongst the teenagers. According to the study, drinking binge alcohol might shrink the brain regions linked to memory, attention and language in teenagers, and results in increased risk of developing alcohol use disorder in the future.

Teenagers drink various types of alcohols without getting worried about the harmful effects of it that might affect their health. However, it is being observed through a study that almost 25% of teenagers are involved in consuming alcohol and it is common to booze amongst them.

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Experts say, “adolescence is a time when the brain still matures including not only biological development but also maturation of psychosocial behaviours.”

If we take learning and memory as one of the examples of harmful effects of drinking, studies have shown that excessive drinking leads to a loss of memory due to which teenagers face difficulty in memorizing their syllabus and novel words.

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The research said that excessive drinking among teenagers results in reducing the areas of brain that play a key role in memory, attention, language, awareness and consciousness, which include cortical and sub cortical structures.