Drinking in public places in Delhi might land you behind bars!

Delhi: Drinking in public places can bring trouble for people in Delhi. According to an excise act declared by Kejriwal government today, those found drinking in public places will be behind the bars for three months and will also face heavy fine of Rs 5,000. The punishment will be double if the crook creates trouble in the public place.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia stated “If someone is found consuming alcohol in public places and near liquor shops, we will get them arrested under the excise act from November 7”. Sisodia further went on to say that the government would organise a campaign to discourage people from drinking in public places and make them cautious of the rules.

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Delhi’s way of drinking in the car or in the public places will no longer be the same, youngsters who find bars expensive or public places which are preferred by those who look for a quick drink after the day’s hectic work will now be banned. The war on ‘car-o-bar’ will now make sure that no one is found drinking in public places and if found have to bear the consequences.

By- Prishita Rathi

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