Drunken woman inspires unprotected sex

New York: According to a new study a drunken woman under the influence of alcohol may engaged in more unprotected sex which is equal to sex without a condom.

The influence of alcohol tends to get more involved in sexual risk-taking and engaged more in unprotected sex.

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Sex without a condom was significant and positively related to both satisfaction of physical needs and stronger belief that alcohol promotes sexual risk taking.

The study was published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine which says, “Most young women reported levels of heavy drinking prior to sex, which can impair their cognitive functioning and decision-making. These findings underscore the need to examine the associations between alcohol consumption and sexual risk-taking.”

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The study consisted of 287 college-going females who namelessly reported on their most recent sexual activity involving alcohol.

Contributors were surveyed to examine their associations between alcohol use and sexual behaviour and sexual encounters after drinking alcohol within the last 30 days.


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