It is our duty to pull away hypocrisy & reveal reality: Sonia

Photo of the President of Congress Sonia Gandhi.

New Delhi: Criticizing the government, Congress President Sonia Gandhi stated it was seeking to create an India completely at odds with the one that saw the light of independence but it is our duty to pull away the hypocrisy and reveal the reality.

Sonia went on to say: “Their modern jargon conceals pre-modern beliefs, concepts that are at odds with progressive and inclusive thought, with contemporary knowledge and with a vision for the future. It is our duty to pull away the hypocrisy and reveal the reality lurking beneath.”

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Talking at the launch event of the commemorative publication of National Herald, she further added: “Though their language is modern, they seek to take India backward, to further their narrow sectarian vision.”

She stated: “It is one of the ironies of our present times that the soaring reach of their (freedom fighters) work is now sought to be either obliterated or in some cases appropriated by individuals and groups who are in direct opposition to their beliefs and principles.”

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Congress President further added: “India has reached a crossroads marked by increasing threats of authoritarianism and bigotry. Where we choose to stand today is where our country will head tomorrow.”